Reasons Why Don Jazzy and D’Banj separated!

Reasons Why Don Jazzy and D’Banj separated! 1

The recent announcement that Nigeria’s most celebrated entertainer Don Jazzy, chief executive of Mo’Hit records and his partner D’Banj, the number one musician on the label, have parted ways, has left most Nigerians still reeling in shock.

Most people are yet to come to terms with the development as the broken down relationship many thought was made by the gods was untouchable. The situation, remains the same and the story of the separation, real!. Their decision to part ways was something our source said was agreed upon by the two former pals. It was taken long before the deal by D’Banj, Don Jazzy and Kanye West’s GOOD music was sealed.

The lack of a business structure in Mo’Hit records made the company the butt of a joke especially in the international business community. Everything seemed to revolve around D’Banj alone.
It was becoming increasingly difficult for both to continue as partners because Don Jazzy who doubles as the label’s producer was having difficulties controlling D’Banj who was also a partner in the business.

Conflicts often arose in the house because of the seeming financial gap between D’Banj and other artistes on the label.
This grossly affected the business and also contributed to the duo relocating to the Island leaving the other artistes at their former abode in Maryland, Lagos.
The situation between the two deepened to a point where other artistes on the label were made to look ordinary.

Often, Don Jazzy faced an uphill task convincing other Mo’Hit records sign-on like Wande Coal, Dr. Sid and The Prince that he (Don Jazzy) was as committed to their career as he was to D’Banj’s.
Several newspapers in the past had talked about the situation but the record company through their managers had often denied having conflicts in the house.

The recording of a promotion song for President Goodluck Jonathan by D’Banj, was the icing on the cake as Nigerians descended on the Mo’Hit crew and accusing them of a sell out.
During the protest against government decision to remove subsidy on petrol, Nigerians took to the internet, calling for the head of D’Banj.

Don Jazzy desperate to protect his record company, quickly disassociated it from a sell-out. He went as far as tweeting on the wall of his Twitter that he regretted ever associating with the President.
To crown it all, D’Banj was no where to be found when the heat was turned on his partners.
Don Jazzy has since moved out of the mansion they once shared in Lekki Phase 1 and he’s currently squatting with Dr Sid at 1004, the same estate that Wande Coal lives on Victoria Island.

As at the time of filing in our story, Don Jazzy may have finalised arrangement to unveil his own record label which sources say will be structured in a way no one musician will hold sway.
What happens to other Mo’Hit artistes will be revealed on these pages.
Culled from : Vanguard

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