Google launches Gmail SMS for text-based email in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya

many subscribers in Africa, SMS is the only option for text-based
communication on the go. And, to give residents a more consistent method
for reading and responding to email from their mobiles, Google just launched Gmail
SMS in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. To sign up, simply head over to the
“Phone and SMS” settings page in Gmail, add your mobile number and
complete a verification process. Once enrolled, the service will
automatically forward all email to devices as text messages. The service
could even be useful for those that do have access to Android, iOS or
Windows Phone devices — data outages can cripple smartphones, forcing
users to turn to phone calls and SMS to connect with family, friends and
colleagues. Geva Rechav, a Google product manager for emerging markets,
confirmed in a blog post that Gmail SMS messages will be free to
receive, but standard fees will apply for outgoing emails. You’ll find
full signup details at the source link below.
Google Africa

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  1. These acts are called innovation. Google is using its talents and money wisely. Taking local conditions in account when they develop new technology. Email via SMS- why the others did not think of it! Africa , India where 3G , 4G , smart phones are beyond the major percentage of the population- this service is perfect. Imagine farmers getting rates in detail from the 'wholesale/mandi'! Hats off Google. Always a fan.

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