Bruce Campbell of Portland, Oregon,USA has converted a Boeing 727 Jet to
a home. Paying $100,000 to Olympic Airways in Greece.He acquired the
jet at the end of its flying life from Olympic Airways in Greece,
had it flown from Athens to Oregon, and finally towed to his land. (The
average home in the USA costs $186,000-so $100,000 doesnt seem too

I do hope that the Nigerian aviation authorities are
opening their eyes so that some “smart” business guys are also not
buying any of these jets-repainting them and changing the paperwork to
use in Nigeria. This guy’s jet flew all the way from Greece to the
USA-so its not that they cant fly-but they are way past their flying
age-even with a change of engine.These jets cost about $10 million
used-some crazy person could think of buying one of these dead ones for a
mere $100,000 ( N15 million) -the cost of a Range Rover and start
flying people in the air-a flying coffin.

“Aircraft are flying
homes for people,” Campbell said. “They stay in the sky sometimes for 12
to 14 hours at a time and people have to eat and use the toilet and do
almost everything else we normally do — and all of those facilities are
in there. They’re built along with lighting and climate control,

“What I’m trying to demonstrate is that the
conversion process can be really very simple and straightforward. If
people want something different (inside), they can always redecorate.”

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