Bomb discovered and defused at a hotel in Ikeja this morning

Bomb discovered and defused at a hotel in Ikeja this morning 1
What the anti-bomb squad brought out from the hotel this morning, the black bag with the pillow
Got quite a number of calls from people around the area this morning
about a bomb that was discovered in a hotel in Ikeja. According to
eyewitnesses, a bomb was found in a room at Reliance Hotel located on Emina Crescent off Amore Crescent, off Toyin street, Ikeja.

The hotel shares same fence with St Leo Catholic Church and is directly
opposite Assemblies of God church. According to hotel sources, three
guys slept in the hotel last night and checked out this morning.
Housekeeper went to clean the room and discovered the ‘surprise’. The
hotel alerted the anti-bomb squad. The streets surrounding the area was
condoned off for hours as the anti-bomb squad worked to defuse the bomb.
When they did, they brought the bomb out with a pillow and left it on
the streets for a few minutes, then left with it in their blue vehicle. A reader took that photo and sent to me. Hopefully the police will
say something about this incident. – Linda Ikeji

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