Woman Claims To Have A 9-Year Old Daughter For Pastor Chris Okotie

Woman Claims To Have A 9-Year Old Daughter For Pastor Chris Okotie 1

My name is
Aderemi Odutola, a granddaughter of Ogbeni Oja of Ijebu-Ode. I met
Reverend Christopher Okotie in 1997. I was a young Pastor desperately
looking for a good church where I could worship and God led me to the
Household of God. Then, I had a music ministry, and because he was an
ace musician, I took him as my mentor and strongly believed that he
would help me one day. Along the line, something happened. We started
seeing each other and I’ve done abortion for him three times before I
decided to leave the last one”…. continue reading…

AIB: Okotie’s alledged love child Tioluwani,
though my source says she is a splitting image of the self-styled
pastor, this blogger might be needing some glasses to decipher the
resemblance seeing that my optical eyes can’t seem to see it, abi una
dey see am ni?
Why did
she leave the last pregnancy and why is she coming out nine years
after? ‘I left the pregnancy not for anything, but for the fact that he
proposed to marry me’, she said, as tears welled up in her eyes.
“Initially, I didn’t accept his proposal because of his wife, Tina. I
couldn’t have married a married man. But he told me that his marriage to
Tina was on the brink of collapse. He lied to me! Trouble, however,
started immediately I got pregnant. He started behaving funny, unlike
the amiable Pastor I met sometime back. At times, I would call him, but
he wouldn’t pick or return my calls,” she said with a soft chuckle that
betrayed a mien of good breeding and humility.
expression soon dissolved into a sad look when she recalled the moment
she gave birth. ‘It dawned on me when I gave birth to our daughter that
he was just a player. Ever since I gave birth to Tioluwani Okotie (our
daughter), Reverend Chris has abandoned us in my family house in Opebi.
It has not been easy at all taking care of our daughter all alone,” she
said and opened a whirlpool of tears.
Does he send money for the child’s up-keep? “Money”? Remi said questioningly. She said further, “
I call him that his daughter needs something, he will be dribbling me,
giving me one excuse or the other. I was highly disappointed when I
heard he eventually married Stephanie Henshaw, his late friend’s wife.
did not marry me with all the things I have been through because of
him.” We visited the church and some church members who do not want
their names to be mentioned, confirmed that they have seen the little
girl who shares a striking resemblance with the Pastor. We further
gathered that even at the children’s church, people always gather to
look at the girl and unconsciously wonder aloud if she is for Reverend
Chris or not.
We tried to confirm
this story from this abundantly brilliant man of God to confirm the
veracity of the story, but all efforts to reach him proved abortive.
NB: I will be back to give the source, the real source.


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  1. Only God knws the truth about this Chris guy.But to think of it, how come he never had any kid with any of his wives but u?

  2. True or not, I care less, even it were true then she is a demon sent to do the devil's work so fornication was the ministry that she was given. Abeg make we hear word she even aborted, na she be the now u go talk u knew he was married, a pastor and yet u continually opened ur legs

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