UPDATE: Porshe Cayenne wedding gift: The other side of the story

UPDATE: Porshe Cayenne wedding gift: The other side of the story 1UPDATE: Porshe Cayenne wedding gift: The other side of the story 2


You’ve all read Larry’s side of the story, (read it HERE if you missed it) this is the other side that you all must read. Culled from Stelladimokokorkus‘ blog. Written by Stella herself

No one will forget rapper NaetoC’s wedding in  a hurry…..Who gets married and gets a Porsche cayenne as gift?…..You tell me? The can of worms unravelled by the rappers porsche cayenne wedding gift
is still the talk of the moment and the man at the centre of this
controversy is none other than Car dealer and CEO of mega point Mr Larry
who has been fingered with questionable character.

Mr Larry recently distributed some money around town to run down the
name of  Dumebi kachikwu and that is what i find so annoying….Why
distribute money to online bloggers to Run down a mans character if your
hands are clean? Who amongst all the online people running down this story to Mr Larrys
advantage collected money?the money distributed was 600k so i hope those
spreading the lies got a fair share otherwise you would have been used
in Mr Larry game.

Mr Larry has used his giant teeth to bite the
finger that has fed him. He is busy granting interviews and spreading
lies but inside sources swear he has been sending people to beg Mr
Kachikwu to overlook what happened. I
read his sorry piece where he was quoted as saying ”We agreed on
everything that he’s going to pay on Monday but now that he has shined
with the car and can’t raise the money he’s telling me stories.’ My Question is how can someone who borrowed Larry N20million when he was in need of it not be able to pay him N14million naira?…..Continue to see the petition etc..

UNIT ANONYMOUS SOURCES who claims Mr Larry is being charged to court
on thursday August 10,2012 by the special fraud unit for matters
relating to the porsche cayenne

”Mr Kachikwu’s first encounter with Larry was in the Late 90s when he used to sell used tires in Itire, Surulere.
He sold him four used tires for his Honda Accord and claimed they were
new. He returned the money when it almost became a police matter.

Fast forward to 2008, 2009 when Larry approached Mr Kachikwu again through a friend and said he was a dealer in luxury cars.
His face was immediately recognized even though he was now light skinned.

He tried to sell Mr Kachikwu a couple of cars but each time the car was
delivered it would be noticed that the car was a used car packaged as a
new car.

One weekend four years ago, Larry flew to Abuja on a saturday and asked
Mr Kachikwu for N20M naira loan. He said he had a problem with somebody
and that he would pay back in 4 months or supply a brand new Bentley
for about N32 million naira.
Mr Kachikwu a car freak gave him the N20M naira and asked him to
deliver the Bentley.Larry also got a cheque of N12M NAIRA to balance up
the bentley money.
. When Larry delivered the Bentley the leather was so worn that a
Bentley dealership in the US was called to make enquiries. it was
discovered that the car was two years old and that it had done over
20,000 miles which means that Larry had tampered with the mileage
setting. They asked that the matter be reported to the FBI since it was a
federal offence.
Larry refused to return Mr kachikwus money until the EFCC came into the
matter and He promptly returned paid up and apologised. He prevailed on
Mr Kachikwus friends to beg on his behalf for almost two years.
He was forgiven.

In December of 2010 he sold Mr Kachikwu a 2011 Infinity jeep and early
this year he sold him another Infinity jeep claiming it was a 2012 has just been discovered that the two cars are both 2011
models..meaning he sold the same car, same model, same colour twice as
different cars.
Larry also sold Mr Kaxhikwu a mercedes benz S63 for N30M which turned
out to be used.He was asked him to to refund the money but hasnt till
date even though he picked up the car.

In December 2011 he sold Mr Kachikwu a supposed 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost
for N65M but After the car stopped on the road twice Rolls Royce head
office was contacted and they said they had no record of the car.
Larry delivered a Porsche car to Naeto C and claimed that it was a 2012
model but didnt let Mr Kaxhikwu see the car before taking it to the
wedding venue,after the car had been presented to naeto,Mr Kachikwu
asked Naeto for the VIN number of the car and when it was checked,they
found out the car was a used 2009/2010 model, meanwhile Larry had sent
an invoice claiming that the car was a 2011 model.
The Posh Cayenne is PRESENTLY IN DETENTION at the Special Fraud Unit at Milverton, Ikoyi.

Larry has borrowed N12 million from his Friend Mr Kachikwu in the last 4
months and is still owing N30M naira for the S63 That was returned to
1. Why did his invoice say 2011 Porsche Cayenne if he is claiming Mr Kachikwu knew it was a 2009 car?

(According to Larry,” Dumebi was aware that the Porsche car is a
brand new 2010 model and he made a delivery request of the car to Naeto
C’s wedding which was honored as the car was parked in front of the
reception”……Sorry  liar but the model on the invoice says 2011)
2. Why was the car wrapped with white stickers and nylon if it was known to be a used car?

3. Why would anyone pay 14 million naira for a used car with a different
body shape when a new one with a different shape and warranties is
sold for between 14 and 16 milllion naira?
4. Why has he been begging Naeto C to take the car?

5. Why did he tell the police that Dumebi never saw the car and say to the press that Dumebi saw the car.

 6. If he says Dumebi is owing him money for the Infinity why did he send a receipt for money received for the Infinity?

7. Why has he been sending text messages at 6am in the morning begging Mr Kachikwu?
8. Where did he buy the Rolls Royce he sold Dumebi. He should show the proof to the world

9. Why has he been banned from the entering America?

10. How many times has he been arrested in the last 12yrs for similar offences?

Skymits Motors at Ikeja have denied that Mr Kachikwu owes them any
monies as claimed by Mr Larry in his syndicated interview to online
bloggers….Does he know this?

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