67 Year Old Grandmother raped and strangled by 26 year old porn-obsessed neighbour

Irene Lawless, a retired shorthand teacher and artist, who was raped twice before being strangled by her porn-obsessed neighbourEvil: Darren Jackson, who has a scratch below his eye from where Mrs Lawless had put up a 'significant struggle'


A porn-obsessed man who spent his days watching obscene, violent internet videos raped and strangled a grandmother in her home. 26 year old Darren Jackson, broke into 67 year old Irene Lawless house at night, and attacked her after searching websites for ‘mature women’. After entering her bungalow through a small front window, he raped her twice and strangled her to death, leaving her naked body wedged between the bed and a wall.
‘Police looked at his internet searches and discovered a keen interest in websites dealing with rape, mature women, forceful oral sex and sex with sleeping women.
Jackson was today jailed for life with a recommendation he is not considered for parole for 28 years.

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