Nigerian women are beautiful, tempting – Garey Reid, Jamaican investor

Nigerian women are beautiful, tempting – Garey Reid, Jamaican investor 1 
Garey Reid came to Nigeria for the first time, he had wrongly believed
the country was backward in civilization that the people lived on trees!
So he was naturally pleasantly surprised to find the streets filled
with exotic cars with swanky hotels dotting the landscape.
undergoing a personal re-education, he is now investing good money in
different sectors of the economy, in partnership with his two friends,
Stephen Igbinose, a UK-based Nigerian and Neoclis Neocleous, a Briton.
They are currently setting up MOSS Petroleum International, an oil and
gas firm as well as other businesses in Koko, Delta State. In a chat
with Sunday Sun, he spoke glowingly about his girlfriend, Corrinne, an
international model and also revealed that he had lived in England for
over 30 years and had never visited his Jamaican home…..Enjoy!

also confessed that Nigerian women are gorgeous and tempting but
stressed that he had always strenuously resisted getting involved in any
relationship with because of his intimate and roaring romance with
Corrinne and two kids who, according to him, mean a lot to him.
Excerpts… Have you visited Nigeria before? No, this is my first time in
Why are you in Nigeria?
reason I’m here is to take a look at the MOSS Petroleum project and see
the progress made so far. Like I said, I’ve never been to Nigeria
before and it’s really a massive experience to be here and having seen
the project at the local community and all those other oil companies
that are there, I’m really impressed. You mean you have been to the
village with Steve? Yeah, we travelled to Koko village, in Delta State.
you impressed? Yeah! How did you find that area? It was a bit different
from someone living in England; and all those oil companies there are
just making a lot of money but they don’t seem to be giving back to
their host communities and that was something I was sad about. The way
they were playing like in a playground unlike in England because
everyone is enlightened. An oil-rich town should have everything.
people shouldn’t be scavenging in garbage dumps to survive. Honestly,
oil companies need to look at this with a view to putting things back
into the communities; they should be giving as they are taking. In the
UK, people generally view Nigerians as unreliable people. What made you
trust Steve so much as co-invest with him in the country? Steve is my
friend and I trust him. I’ve known him for 12 years and I know what they
say about Nigeria.
if you get it the bad way it is played that everyone is bad by
everyone’s understanding, that’s stereotyping really. You can’t just
stereotype everyone. So, I did not listen to what everyone was saying
when we were coming. When we were coming, everyone was saying, “Don’t do
it,” “He’s gonna reap you off,” “This is going to happen and that’s
going to happen.” But I told them, “Look, I don’t need to listen to what
you are saying because this guy is friendly and that’s the truth; so, I
don’t need to listen to you.” You know. And lucky enough for me, I run
my own stipend.
because we are good friends I’ve worked with him in the past and it
paid off because he’s trustworthy. Steve looks clean enough for me…you
know my instinct and… we are good friends. So, everything is what it is.
What inspired you to invest in Nigeria? Oh, it is something I never,
ever thought I would come for in Nigeria, actually. Never mind that
investing in an oil company is massive, I think, seeing how big it is,
and to know what is to be injected into it, he will not want to invest a
whole lot of money.
that you have seen Nigeria in a different perspective, would you like
to come back and spend like two, three years or even relocate to this
country? Hmm, yes and no; my family is at the rural community back
there. And I’ve got a girlfriend and two kids. But we’ll definitely come
out for holidays sometimes, especially going so far, anyway.
From what you have see about Nigeria and the Nigerian people since you came, what kind of message will you take back to England?
Well, I have already posted some stuff on Facebook about Nigeria. So many stories were told the country.
heard that Nigerians live in trees, caves and all that. So, I took a
picture of my hotel and other activities, beautiful everyday scenario
like swimming pool, exotic cars and everything. And I told them, “Oh,
you people think that Nigerians live in trees? Well, I’m telling you
that they don’t.” And I put the pictures on Facebook for them to see
everyday Nigerians. My views about Nigeria all my life were wrong. I’m
quite shocked that most of the things I’ve seen here are up-to-date
was quite impressive. People there don’t know about Nigeria. They
thought Nigerians live in trees? That’s what they made us to believe
over there. Now that you have known the truth, what other businesses
would you like to do in the country? Definitely, you know with MOSS
Petroleum in place, everything else will be incorporated under it with
Steve as chairman; Neoclis and me will be directors; so whatever that I
do will be for MOSS Group. But I would be more involved in the leisure,
health and beauty aspect of MOSS Group. I would also love to establish a
mega-boxing school in Nigeria. I’ve seen a lot of talents around and
with a good coach and other enablement they will do well. We intend to
invest a whole into the economy here.
you been able to see Nigerian women in their natural form? Yeah, yeah,
I’ve seen many of them. And they were very, very attractive. And I was
like, Waoh she’s gorgeous! It’s just that they are not portrayed as it
is here in the media over there, which I feel is really wrong.
You’ve got a good country here. Are you married? No, I’m not. Would you like to marry a Nigerian woman?
no, no) I have a girlfriend and I love her. I’ve got two kids and they
mean a lot to me. You mean you can resist Nigerian women? I must confess
that they are really beautiful and tempting. And sometimes when I see
them around, I adjust my ring for them to see that I’m married. Nigerian
women are really beautiful. They would like to see that woman that made
you to resist them. Can you give me her photo? Sure, I will.
What’s her name and what does she do? Her name is Corrinne Hunter and she is a model. What are your kids’ names?
are Daesha, a girl and she’s 11; and Rocco, a boy who is 15 months. You
are a boxer right? Sure Is it true that boxers are like machines in
bed? (Laughs heartily) This guy’s killing me here. Don’t ask me that.
I’m sorry. But are you a machine in bed? I’m a machine men, I’m a
machine. Then I need to take you to Calabar; ever heard about a place
called Calabar? No. Ok. I’ll take you there someday. Okay.
your girlfriend ever confessed to you that you’re a machine? Don’t ask
me because you know that. Women like boxers you know. From what you have
seen around, given the opportunity to advice the Nigerian authorities,
what would you tell them? They should put more into the rural
communities and the youths; provide infrastructural facilities for them.
There doesn’t seem to be enough for young people over here.
is something I’ll have compassion about when I’m back in England. You
know, our government, they put a lot into sports and other activities
back there. There is crime rate now because many youths are not engaged.
So it is something I would like to bring over to put up a project for
young kids and train a lot of them so they can have something to look
forward to in future.
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