6 Governors To Watch Super Eagles Semi Final Match Against Mali


Nigeria’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Sonni Samuel Yusuf walked taller on Sunday when the Super Eagles sent Ivory Coast’s Elephants crashing out of the Nations Cup. He said:

“I’m particularly elated because nobody gave these boys any chance of survival against Cote d’Ivoire. God loves Nigeria and we should learn to believe in ourselves.

I am proud to be a Nigerian. Nigerians back home are happy and six Governors have called to inform that they will be watching their semi final match in Durban. It could be more but unfortunately my phone has gone off because the battery is down”. 

The High Commissioner advised Nigerians not to be cynical against themselves. “We got potentials. Nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves. 

With Cote d’Ivoire out of our way, we must beat Mali. Let the bookmakers tip them to win on paper while we win on the field of play”, the youthful High Commissioner said.

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