Top 5 Ways to Build High Self-Esteem

 Top 5 Ways to Build High Self Esteem.
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Building a high self-esteem is an important job that one should never quit. Whether or not your parents and friends supported and talked you up throughout your childhood is irrelevant. Your level of self-worth will filter into every area of your life. It will affect not only your dating life, but also your work life, the people you attract, your overall quality of being and more.  The self-esteem, love and care that YOU build for yourself is essential and the most important and life enhancing.
1. Set goals and achieve them. This is my favorite self-esteem builder because you can shoot for the stars yet start small. Achieving any kind of positive goal is guaranteed to instantly make you feel more whole and more accomplished because you have proved that you are self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency is the key to your success. You are the only one that can get your farther.

2. Surround yourself with others with high self-esteem. They say you are who you hangout with and who you surround yourself with. by surrounding yourself around successful people, your are setting yourself up to win!
3. Take care of yourself. Do things that make you feel good verses forced and uncomfortable. For example, going out of your way to help out someone who does NOT deserve or appreciate you does NOT build proper self-esteem.
4. Protect yourself. You are your first line of defense. You might have a lot of strong guy friends or an overly protective boyfriend, father, or brother, but at then end of the day, you are left with you and you cannot rely on everyone else ALL of the time.
5. Do not be your own worst critic. Treat yourself and pump yourself up. Reward yourself for achieving goals or working hard at your job, school or at any responsibility that you may have.
Nurturing and loving yourself will build you up. Self-reliance, self-sufficiency and love of ones self are all ingredients for success and high self-esteem. Only you ahve to live with you at the end of the day, so why not be someone you are proud of!?
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