While Rihanna Is Enjoying Herself In Hawaii, An Intruder Is At Her Home

Lucky escape: The singer was not home at the time as she is currently celebrating her 25th birthday in Hawaii with boyfriend Chris Brown
Police arrested a male intruder inside Rihanna’s multi-million-dollar mansion on Thursday.
The man had managed to to get inside the heavily fortified home in the exclusive enclave of the Pacific Palisades, California.
While fortunately the singer was not at home at the time – as she is currently in Hawaii celebrating her birthday with on and off again boyfriend Chris Brown – police have arrested the man on suspicion of burglary,  The Stay singer – who turned 25 on Wednesday – has her neighbours to thank for alerting the police. According to TMZ, neighbours first spotted the man roaming around the $12 million property, then bravely confronted him and detained him while waiting for police to arrive….a picture of the property when you continue

Having a ball: The singer was clearly having a ball as she balanced on a board as Rothman chauffeured her around on the waves


The man is currently being investigated for burglary but claims he was given directions to the house,  ‘Law enforcement sources tell us the suspect has told police someone emailed him instructions on how to get into the home so he rolled over to the property and followed the directions,’ TMZ said on Friday.
‘We’re told the instructions worked because the man was able to get inside the home where he allegedly snooped around for a while before neighbors noticed something was up.’
Unwelcome guest: An intruder was arrested at Rihanna's Pacific Palisades, California, home on Thursday

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