VIDEO: The Naked Truth About Lazarus Muoka

This documentary centers on Lazarus Muoka and a woman called Juliet Idu, also known as ”Chosen Mopol” and ”Operation Sweep” in People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

VIDEO: The Naked Truth About Lazarus Muoka

Someone sent me a link to this video and am not in any way endorsing it, just need you all to listen to what this woman is saying about him.

Hmmmmm I’ catholic, born, baptised, confirmed and will marry in the Catholic church (hopefully) so am kinda upset with this woman.

I don’t have problems when she’s talking trash about her pastor but why include Catholics?

Do you believe her or think she’s been sponsored?

Watch the video below:

More Pastor Lazarus Muoka News:


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  1. Okeke, being Catholic or not doesn't cut it. If you don't know, Muoka was a member of the Catholic Charismatics before he branched out. Getting back to the issue, God will continue to expose all who serve their own selves and not the Lord.

  2. Mouka demolished a genuie church of God. The Bride Assembly church in I'm not suprise that God is Exposing his secrete

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