Nigerian Girl Becomes First Black Marchioness, As She Finally Marries British Viscount

Picturesque setting: The couple outside the family seat at Longleat, but his parents, Lord and Lady bath, refused to attend the ceremony

Emma Mcquiston has become the first Black Marchioness after she got married to British Viscount.

Emma the daughter of a Nigerian oil tycoon, Ladi Jadesimi first made headlines two months ago when news broke that she might be getting married to the viscount and on Saturday 8th of June, she made history when she married the Viscount, thus becoming the first black Marchioness in Britain. (If you missed her earlier story, read it HERE)
It really is rather unfortunate that the Marquess’ parents chose to snub the ceremony and had the cheek to go to someone else’s wedding. It’s not like she’s after his money (Emma’s dad is an Oil tycoon!)
But let’s not dwell on the ugly part, instead enjoy another lovely interracial wedding. Another photo when you continue.

 Doesn’t she look like a princess!
Congratulations to both of them, I hope you make beautiful babies soon ;o)
Happy day: Viscount Weymouth, Ceawlin Thynn, with his bride Emma McQuiston at Longleat

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