PHOTOS From Tiwa Savage’s Bachelorette Party

TIWA SAVAGE BRIDAL SHOWERTiwa Savage - November 2013 - BellaNaija

Naija’s own ”Beyonce” sexy Tiwa Savage had her bachelorette party last night and it was Victoria Secret’s inspired. Her guests were told to come in their nighties or something boudoir-inspired.

Tiwa will marry T-Billz the traditional way this coming saturday (23rd November 2013) and the white wedding will take place in Maldives next year. Peep more pictures when you continue and tell us what you think about her party!

male stripper

elohor leila tiwa bridal shower
bridal shower
Toke Makinwa tiwa savage

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toke makinwa tiwa bridal shower
and her boo Billz stopped by to say hello!
Aww look who crashed the party! Mr. Billz.

'I Had Cancer Of The Nose' – Governor Sullivan Chime

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