Check Out Madonna’s New Toy Boy

Ringing in the new year: The two are pictured together here at a New Year's Eve party they attended in Gstaad, Switzerland thrown by designer Valentino Garavani
55 year old Madonna, and her 26-year-old new boytoy, Timor Steffens, whom she met last fall when he performed in her art project seems to be getting pretty hot.
A waitress, Eileen, told local media: 

Staff seated them in a back corner for more privacy, and Eileen said, ‘they had a really good time.’ They were very cozy together, held hands’ and even kissed at the table, said another restaurant worker, Wing Sai. 

According to local reports, they spent the night at the nearby Hotel New York and Madonna left by private jet the next day.
Serious Cougar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was fast! Less than one month after Madonna announced her split from former toyboy Brahim Zaibat, she’s already moved on with another hunk…peep Timor’s hot pics when you continue!

Timor Steffens

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Romantic dinner: Locals spotted the duo sharing an intimate date night on January 8 at Japanese restaurant Ono in the heart of the Dutch city

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