Dark Skinned People Don’t Look Good When Nude On Screen” – OC Ukeje

Dark Skinned People Don't Look Good When Nude On Screen" - OC Ukeje 1Dark Skinned People Don't Look Good When Nude On Screen" - OC Ukeje 2

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Award winning Nollywood actor OC Ukeje told Ynaija this:

“Also as far as nudity goes, I have seen films where there was nudity and that is the last thing you remember about the film because it was done very, very professionally. First of all, I don’t think anyone wants to see my black butt on screen because in the business of film making aesthetics are very important. The picture has to be fine. Darker skinned people just do not play as well nude, on screen. 

 I am not subscribing to any skin colour superiority but I think that in film, everyone wants a beautiful picture. For the last film I made, because I have spots on my back, the director wanted me totally covered up so every time they needed me bare-chested, they used make up to cover all the spots. The percentage of open-minded people is very negligible. I was in ‘Hoodrush’ recently and when some promotional pictures were released, my hairy body was a big topic on social media, with people insisting it was not a pretty sight. Because of that, I have learnt to shave down to my legs”

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  1. Colonial mentality! mtshewww…PS:-I just do not watch those films with nudity anyhow, most have no real story-line other than soft porn.

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