Kim Kardashian’s Best Friend Blac Chyna’s butt implants Dislocates

I cant stop laughing…Shebi Blac has been swearing her ass is the real thing..You see, when God wants to embarrass you, he does it in a big way..This is what 50 Cent has been hammering on.
Blac Chyna who is coincidentally Kim Kardashian’s bestie and rapper Tyga’s baby mama has been the object of discusssion for so long cos she’s been claiming her ass is the real deal and she’s always showing it. 
Early today she was walking when one of the implants shifted and she was spotted running into a doctor’s office to have it fixed. It apparently didn’t happen and she was photographed walking out and trying to cover it with her sweater but the cameras captured it.
 Chyna appears to be a client of the same board certified plastic surgeon who performed Kim’s lumpy butt implant surgery, no wonder they are besties…..peep more pictures when you continue

Photo Credit : Sandra Rose

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See the pictures 50 Cent shared on when butt implants goes wrong HERE

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