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Karrueche Tran Receives Death Threat For Insulting Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy’s Hair



Low blow: BET has reportedly suspended a television producer after a joke about Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter aired on the network's music video countdown show 106 & Park
No matter how much you try to be famous never insult the family of the Carters, you can insult the Kardashian and they would ignore you but the fans of Jay Z and Beyonce are too powerful to bring you to your knees begging when you insult them, not their princess, Blue Ivy whose hair is now a signature around the world. Karrueche never knew the path she was trending when she made some remarks about Blue’s hair.
She has gotten enough death threats that she is now pleading for the  death wishes’ to stop, it is not stopping soon despite the apologies from BET, 106 & Park, and Karrueche. Karrueche has been so scared that not even Chris Brown can console her, she wants us to know that she never meant any harm when she said things about Blue, but people took out the negativity from it and hit her with it.

Hitting back: Tran attempted to defend herself, taking to Twitter following the show to explain that the gag was scripted and not her idea

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Karruche has apologised saying she read the script off the teleprompter……

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