Kogi State’s APC Governorship Candidate Audu Abubakar Has Reportedly Risen From The Dead

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Candidate, Abubakar Audu, who died yesterday while vote counting in the elections was still ongoing, has reportedly resurrected while burial preparations are going on.

A mammoth crowd besieged the residence of the late Abubakar Audu as they await the corpse to be brought out of his room.

Meanwhile a prophet locked himself inside praying for his corpse to bring him back to life.

‎His family, friends and relatives got tired of waiting for the prophet and started banging hard at the door trying to force it open..Even the youths became angry.

‎The prayer man succeeded in asking the crowd to join him in praying and they all joined in the prayers for the resurrection of Audu with Holy Ghost fire renting the air as well as shouts of Allahu Akbar .

‎As men and women of faith engage in fervent prayers to bring Audu back to life others are digging his grave in one end of the compound

‎Uproar as news filters in that he has risen. No confirmation yet.

The Imams has retired to small mosque in compound as rejoicing continues however no one has confirmed seeing him.

Thousands troop into Ogbonicha as rumours of revival spreads. Rejoicing continues but Audu not in sight.

more details later…

UPDATE: Audu Abubakar has been buried…Details HERE.

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Girl Rejoices Over Audu Abubakar’s Death. Claims His Sons Gang Raped Her And He Covered It Up

UPDATE: Audu Abubakar Has Been Buried