Dallas Domestic Violence Survivor Awarded $40million After Her Boyfriend Tortured Her For Five Hours And Left Her For Dead

A domestic abuse victim was been awarded a $40million payout against her then-boyfriend after he stabbed and violated her for hours before leaving her for dead.

Maria Escamilla knows she is unlikely to ever see a penny of the compensation – the biggest payout ever awarded to a domestic violence victim. Her attacker Jose Arreola, who was jailed in 2013, had little in the way of assets.

But she says the just being awarded the sum means much more to her than the actual money.

‘To me, it means that man who tried to kill me and mutilated me and tortured me for five hours deemed me worthless,’ But the jury disagreed. My life is not worthless.’

46 year old Escamilla still carries the scars, both physical and emotional, from the night of the brutal assault at her home in Lancaster, Texas in March 2011.

Arreola has attacked Escamilla with a lamp and a knife, stabbing her multiple times in the face, breasts and genitals. The victim suffered horrific injuries and needed more than 500 stitches across her stab wounds. Her face was so badly beaten that her eyes were swollen shut and she had numerous fractures

He also raped and sodomized her during the assault which lasted for five hours until he abandoned her for dead.

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Escamilla’s injuries were horrific. She needed 500 stitches for stab wounds all over her body while the knife had also punctured one of her lungs. Her face was so badly beaten that her eyes were swollen shut and she had numerous fractures. She had to undergo surgery to insert permanent plates in her face, yet bones still protrude which will require plastic surgery.

The bloody knife he used was later presented as evidence in the case against Arreola who was described as a psychopath by his victim’s lawyers
The 46-year-old, who suffered from PTSD, has also permanently lost the full use of her right hand while vision in her left eye has been affected.

Her 37 year old boyfriend Arreola pictured above was spared a life sentence but was jailed for 28 years following his trial in 2013.

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