Husband Cuts Off His Wife’s Hand for Cheating on Him (Graphic Photo)

A woman lost her hand after her husband cut it off as punishment for her cheating.

The man allegedly caught his wife cheating with another man and decided to give her a punishment that she will never forget.

The information was shared on Facebook by Alh Muhammed Ishaq Onifari who wrote:

“Husband amputates wife, for unfaithful. But this punishment is much. O God!”

Another photo when you continue..

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  1. I just can't place the anger….So you a mere mortal…chops off the hand of your wife?…just because she is having sex behind your back with another man?? Why don't you just throw her out and end the marriage if you have to??…why disfigure her like this? What manner of wickedness is this???????

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