UNBELIEVABLE: Man Invokes Colony Of Millipedes At His Ex Wife’s Home

A bitter man reportedly engaged a traditional doctor (juju priest) to invoke a protectorate of millipedes at the residence of his former wife, Mrs. Esther Asuquo, at Ekpene Ikot Effio Enang, Akpabuyo Local Government Area in Cross-River State.

UNBELIEVABLE: Man Invokes Colony Of Millipedes At His Ex Wife's Home 1

This was reportedly done to arm-twist her to repay money allegedly expended on her after futile attempts to coax her with militants.

The strange incident, which occurred August 12, has provoked fury in the community and the villagers were, until Niger Delta Voice, NDV, left the town, yesterday, threatening to deal with the man (a non indigene), who hired the native doctor to carry out the abomination.

On the other hand, the native doctor, who confirmed on phone that he supernaturally let loose an assembly of millipedes on the residence of 38-year-old woman, said  he would consider Mrs. Asuquo’s case only after she must have paid a consultation fee of N150, 000. Thereafter, he would tell her the ritual and processes to remove the millipedes.

Bewildered villagers said they have never experienced such a sacrilegious act since their 100 years of existence in their present location. However, our informants said that God revealed the August 12 marvel to some of His prophets in the community before it happened. They foretold Mrs. Asuquo before the weird incident and the church was already holding prayers and vigils for her sake. Following the prophecy, men of God actually counseled her to vacate the residence for a period that the power of the charm would be effective. Therefore, she relocated somewhere unknown to her ex husband and the native doctor contracted to invoke the millipedes.

A source told NDV when our reporter visited thd community that the people of Ekpe Ikot Effio Enang woke up on August 12    to discover that giant- sized millipedes had taken over the house of Mrs.    Asuquo.

Ritually, a flock of millipedes in such manner usually connotes warning or invitation from Juju priests from his shrine and sometimes it comes with a letter of summon, but this one did not come with any written letter,” the source added. At her residence, we saw a protectorate of millipedes, numbering over 1,500 gathered at a corner of the house, already dead and smelling following intensive prayers by the church.

Why I ran from him – 

Mrs. Asuquo Mrs. Asuquo purportedly bolted away from her 67-year-old former husband whom she started a relationship with, four years ago, and later got married to traditionally, December 24, 2015, following her suspicion he was diabolic.

Mrs. told NDV that her separated husband sent the troop of millipedes to bully and harm her, explaining:

“Our relationship started four years ago, although we did not live in the same house, he always visited because I am somebody, who believes that the right thing must be done. I told him from Day one that if my dowry were not paid, I would never live under the same roof with him.” “So he made preparations to for the payment of the bride price. But all that only happened on 24th of December 2015 and frankly speaking, I practically paid for the ceremony just to remove shame because he had no money,” she added. 

“But trouble started when I discovered that he was deeply involved in fetish things because he was very diabolical. Although he did not show that side of him until late into our relationship and I thought that it was just a passing phase.” “When I told him about it, he started getting angry and even went deeper into mysticism, so he moved his clothes and other personal items from my house because he later started living with me in my own house,” 

 “All of a sudden on the 15th of June, I was summoned by militants, who he had  reported the matter  to.  He told  them that I owed him N1.8 million for bride price and other money spent in doing the lintel of my house.” “I went there ( militants’ court) and after all said and done, the case went in my favour and I was told to pay only N50,000, which I agreed to pay at the end of this month (August), but before that, all these started unfolding,” she said. 

 “I was given a prophesy that something like this would happen and cautioned to relocate from the house before news broke out, Friday, last week, that millipedes have taken over my house, and that it was sent by former husband. “As we speak, some pastors have gone there to pray and brethrens from other churches are also praying for me, I have been told that it will take about one month before the powers in that place are completely destroyed. For now, I have taken refuge in an undisclosed location,” she said. 

She said that the word of knowledge that came was that she would have to stay away from her house for one month when it would be completely free of any demonic manipulations, adding that her pastors from the Assemblies of God have also visited the place to pray.

“As we speak there are many pastors and prophets praying about this matter ,many churches are praying on my behalf and I trust that God will win the battle for me because He never fails,” She said. 

Community threatens banishment Youth leader, Mr. Edem Edet, hollered:

“We are very angry with what the man has done, first he went to the militants without telling us, and the community, and now, he brought juju (Mbiam) to one of the compounds in our community.” “It is sacrilege, it against our tradition, in fact, it is a taboo and if he fails to carry out the cleansing the proper way, our next line of action will be to completely   banish him from this community,” 

 “We heard that the man had a misunderstanding with his wife asking her to return all the money he had spent on her to the tune of N1.8 million.    But the first thing we asked him was what of all of conjugal relationship he had with her for four years, how would he pay all that back.” 

  “When I called the woman’s ex husband on phone, he admitted that he was behind the Mbiam that was poured on Esther’s compound and he gave me the juju priest phone number, whom I called to know what really happened. I was shocked when the juju priest told me that the lady must first all pay a consultation fee of N150, 000 before they negotiate how to remove the charm, which will cost her an undisclosed fee.” He said the woman has until  10.00 am on Monday (yesterday) to do that. 

NDV also contacted the juju priest, who lives in Okobo ,Oron in Akwa Ibom State on phone, he corroborated what the youth leader said. He told our reporter, who pretended to be an indigene of the community:

“I want you to tell that your leader to open his eyes, tell him that shouting and threatening me on the phone will not solve the situation.” “He (community leader) should advise the woman to come down to Oron and on or before 10.00 am on Monday with N150, 000, the consultation fee her husband paid. Then, we also negotiate the removal of the Mbiam before I will listen to the case and judge the matter or else, whatever she sees, she should just take it like that “ he said. “Tell your community people to go and ask and make inquiries about me very well, I mean every word I say,” he further boasted.

Source: Vanguard

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