PR and Fashion Consultant Priscilla Philips Robbed and Injured in Abuja [PHOTOS]

At few minutes past 8 pm on the 8th of October after the shopping fun at the style scenery Abuja.
PR and project consultant Priscilla Philips left the venue and flagged down a taxi to take her home.
Not too far from the rooftop venue where the style scenery event was held, the taxi man went into action..
Read the incident below as told by Priscilla:

” the cab man immediately put the car on Central lock and immediately winded up the windows” that’s when I knew I was about to become a victim of the Abuja popular cab robbery.

Not surprised, as in such cases I will immediately put you in a conversation

The cab man brought out an 8 inch long and 5 width wide silver mental…that appeared to be a butcher knife.

I could see shinny reflection that suggested it is really sharp.

The cab man said, drop all your property now or I will stab you and take you out of this life.
I took his threat serious and immediately, I got into a struggle with him …in hope to give a safer direction for a stab so that I could control the level of injury I will get cos I was damn sure I wasn’t going to let go of my all my life saving items in my laptop bag…which was pretty much a mobile office for me.

I grabbed the knife and armed my arm for a pound of flesh to give him the satisfaction and then give me a perfect scene to go all nollyhood.

I screamed in pain, got very dramatic and I panic he unlocked the door and shouted …get out of this car .

I jumped out making sure not to get a surprise from him.

In the process I fell into a ditch….I screamed so to alert people and felt his car open so he builds suspicious while he doomed off.

I walked back to the venue… But notice I was bleeding beyond the cut I assumed I had…this was deep I said to myself… So flagged down a car that stop and he was scared as he saw me in a rush of my blood all over.

He stopped me at the venue and refused taking money from me.

So now, I am personally looking for the cab driver. 
Description : almost newly pained silver Mazda car , the driver was very dark skin with tribal mark ,build built and looked like a 5’5 in height from the way he was sitting.
He was wearing a head warmer which was actually a mask he used to cover his face during the attack.
No lights on the cab and I didn’t stop myself from getting in as I was super excited from the success of my client event I was part of.
Ladies, start saving and get a teaser straight up once you are Abuja and dont have a private car.. …Also download a cab app.
Thanks to the clinic in Karu that dressed my cuts, even though they demanded a police report before touching it.  I hope they don’t need to stitch as they suggested. While the doctor cleaned and opened the cuts…I could see my finger bones.. Almost a choped off.
And to Tosin the manager of rooftop flamingo and her friend that drove me halfway home and washed my soaked self in blood…thanks a  lot!

Am so back to my karate classes asap.

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