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Creative Director And Style Blogger Steven Onoja Is The Perfect Fashion Gentleman

With the growing fashion industry especially in the digital world where influencers and creators reign supreme, one would think male influencers would be just as popular as their female counterparts however this isn’t the case in 2018 where there are considerably less fashion influencers especially when it comes to Nigerian men. This unintended scarcity of Nigerian male style and fashion influencers has naturally led to male fashion enthusiasts hanging on to tight to the few male fashion influencers they can find and one influencer almost everyone loves and looks up to is the multifaceted fashion creative Steven Onoja.

This creative director and photographer is known for his storytelling almost as much as he is known for his style, with an eye for detail – be it in an outfit or in a scenario he is about to capture – Steven Onoja is a creative beast who churns out top notch content that has his followers begging for more. The Nigerian born New York based storyteller’s style is particularly dapper and down to earth with an almost organic spice which makes him seem and look all the more relatable.

Steven is the epitome of a man in touch with his masculinity but isn’t afraid to explore, his style and sense of self is almost physically felt with the looks and pictures he captures and shares which endears him to the heart of many men who look up to him for life and style inspiration.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll let these pictures talk!



Photo Credit: Instagram @stevenonoja

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