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This Wedding Photos Got People Talking – Why Is The Groom Frowning, And Why Is The Bride So Sad On Their Wedding Day?

Wedding days are supposed to be happy and remarkable days for women as they flaunt the ring and showcase to the public that they have succeeded in tying the knot.

However, ironically, a bride was pictured on her wedding day looking so sad that people have been wondering what could have been bothering her. Some are even speculating that she was probably not pleased with the groom because of the apparent age difference.

To be fair, there is obvious frown on the face of the groom too, suggesting that something was not right with both of them.

Photos of the ceremony were reportedly posted online by an Ivorian online user, and they have since gone viral.

For now, it is not clear what exactly altered the beautiful bride’s mood on the day she was supposed to be extra happy.

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