How Muhammadu Buhari And Atiku Abubakar Will Likely Share Votes In The Forth Coming 2019 Presidential Election

The power struggle between the two major political parties in Nigeria is getting more interesting. Nothing is being left to chance in the big power battle, from the easy wins to the battleground states for the two leading candidates ahead of 2019.

ThisDay Editors took the first shot at the emerging trends in the 2019 presidential election by statistically showing how states might likely vote if an election is held today.

None among both candidates has so far shown the capacity to win this forthcoming election, and the victory in each state and ultimately the election will totally depend on turnout, margin, and spread.

Below is what we’ll likely experience between Muhammadu Buhari/Yemi Osinbajo (APC) and Atiku Abubakar/Peter Obi (PDP) from each zone and the states.


NOTE: This is not a scientific poll but emerging trends as captured by ThisDay reporters in the 36 states. They have never been wrong.

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