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Sowore Says He Will Solve Nigeria’s Electricity Problem In Less Than A Year



Sowore Says He Will Solve Nigeria's Electricity Problem In Less Than A Year 3

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) Omoyele Sowore, said it will take him less than one year to solve the country’s electricity problems if elected president in the forthcoming February 16th election.

Omoyele Sowore said this while speaking at a town-hall meeting tagged ‘TheCandidates’ in Abuja on Wednesday night.

Speaking on his plans for the power sector when elected, the AAC presidential candidate said that he would bring in solar panels that would generate up to 4500 megawatts of electricity across the country in less than a year.

Sowore said there were investors looking for where to build power stations, rather than selling national power installations, license would be given to investors to come in and generate power. He noted that all that was lacking in Nigeria was good leadership. Sowore said:

“If we come in today, we are looking at investing in solar farms that will generate 4,500MW of power. It’ll be 90KW per university, and we’re going to do solar farms across the country for 500MW each. It’ll take less than a year.

“It took Egypt less than two and a half years to generate 14,000MW at N500,000 per megawatt of power. It’s the cheapest in the world. Here we can even do it cheaper because we have plenty of cheap labour; I’m not saying we’re going to abuse labour.

“And it’s the same Siemens who came to Nigeria to do the same thing and people were asking them for bribes that went to RASCOM, a state-owned power generating company in Egypt to do the same. This is public information. We need leadership; we don’t have it. That’s the problem. We need innovation.”

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