Heartless Parents Refuse To Donate Their Kidney To Daughter As ‘She’s A Girl, Leave Her To Die’

“Who will donate their kidneys? She is a girl,” her dad Ramashray Yadav allegedly said. The mother also demonstrated no enthusiasm for her little girl’s prosperity either.

A 16-year-old Indian girl is currently waiting to die because both her mother and father have refused to donate a kidney for doctors to replace her failing one to save her life.

According to reports, the heartless parents claim that the dying teenager is not worth the risk of donating their kidney because she is a girl.

Kanchan Kumari, from Avgil village, in Sheikhpura, fell seriously ill two months ago and was rushed to the hospital after complaining of intense pain in her midriff and back.

Doctors diagnosed her with acute kidney failure and asked that her parents donate one of their organs for a life-saving surgery on the youngster.

However, shockingly, both her mother and father refused to sacrifice one of their kidneys for their daughter because she is just a girl.

Kanchan’s father, Ramashray Yadav is quoted as having told a local reporter:

“Who will donate their kidneys? She is a girl.”

The mother also demonstrated no enthusiasm for her little girl’s prosperity either.

News about the poor girl’s plight has gained a lot of traction across the globe with some benevolent people offering to donate money for the surgery.

Meanwhile, her grandfather, Baleshwar Yadav justified the refusal of Kanchan’s parents to donate their kidney to save her life.

“If her father gives his kidney to her then he will not be able to carry out his work with one kidney and our survival would be at stake as he is a daily wager and the only breadwinner of the family. The doctors said both her kidneys had stopped functioning and she urgently required a transplant. Besides the kidney, surgery will cost $100,000 but that there is no guarantee of survival,” he argued.

It is further reported that the girl’s parents did not make any effort to find another donor or at least notify the government of the poor girl’s desperate situation, despite the Chief Minister of the Relief Fund previously helping several other patients in similar cases.

Women in India are reportedly the major donors of kidneys in the country, but hardly get it when they need it for survival.

Data from two hospitals in the city of Patna shows that 77 kidney transplants have been carried out in the Indian state so far, in which 77% of the donors were women, but only 8% of them were recipients.

Kanchan’s predicament made news headlines last week and touched the hearts of many people across the globe.

As it stands now, even if benevolent donate money for the surgery, doctors will still need the kidney to conduct the surgery.

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