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Six-Year-Old YouTube Star, Boram Ki Buys $8 Million 5-Storey Building [Photos]

Boram Ki, a six-year-old YouTube star from South Korea, has bought a five-story property in Seoul worth 9.5 billion Korean won.

A six-year-old YouTube star, Boram Ki from South Korea has purchased a five-story building in Seoul worth 9.5 billion Korean won ($8 million or over Rs 55 crore) earlier this year, CNN reports.

Boram Ki has two popular YouTube accounts with 30 million subscribers and has garnered a humongous fan base because of the contents she posts.

The building that she purchased is located in the Seoul suburb of Gangnam. Citing a public real estate registration document, CNN states that the little YouTube star bought the property through the Boram Family Company, which was set up by her parents.

The property, which was built in 1975, is situated in the upmarket area of Cheongdam-dong, in Gangnam, Seoul.

On YouTube, Boram has two accounts – on one of the channels, she reviews toys and has garnered 13.6 million subscribers for it. The other account is a blog with 17.6 million subscribers.

‘Cooking Pororo Black Noodle’ is one of Boram’s videos that is extremely popular on YouTube as it has been viewed over 376 million times.

But not everybody seems to be pleased with Boram’s videos. Several citizens in South Korea complained to an NGO, Save the Children, in 2017 about the content on Boram’s YouTube channel, saying that it may have a negative impact on young children.

The NGO spoke to CNN about the matter and said that the concern was raised after video clips on the YouTube channel showed Boram stealing money from her father’s wallet. In another clip, Boram was seen driving cars on the street.

After police was informed about the videos in question, the NGO said that they were taken down from YouTube.

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