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Public Health Expert Advises Men To Examine Their Partner’s Breast Before Sucking



Men have been advised to examine their wives’ breasts before sucking them.

Breast sucking

The advice was given by a public health physician and Chief Executive Officer of Fest-Michelle Consultancy Services, Dr. Festus Adetonwa.

He said this at the grand finale of a three-day Health, Safety, and Environmental Management workshop on Friday.

According to him, there could be discharges from the breast like blood which men should always watch out for when engaging in the act.

The public health physician while speaking against the backdrop of rising cases of breast cancer and how a woman can be on the lookout for possible symptoms, said most men don’t examine their wives’ breasts before sucking because they mainly engage in sexual acts at night time and may unknowingly take in discharge into their mouth, which could be a sign of breast cancer.

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He said, “The problem is that most men don’t suck their partners’ breast during the day, they suck in the night, so they don’t know if the breast is discharging milk or blood. Men need to confirm from the women because some of them have discharge,” he added.

He encouraged women to engage in prolonged breastfeeding as one of the prevention of breast cancer.

He said, “When they ask you to do exclusive breastfeeding at the hospital, it’s not because it will help your baby to feed alone but it will also help the woman and protect against breast cancer.”

In other news, Kanyi Daily reported that the Federal Government on Friday, declared Monday as a public holiday to mark this year’s Workers’ Day celebration.

Workers’ Day is celebrated annually on May 1.

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