How to Give Your Marketing Team Everything They Need

The task of improving your business is about making sure that your teams are united in the goals of the organization as a whole. Your marketing team is a part of the business that can be so important yet can be severely neglected.

How to Give Your Marketing Team Everything They Need

Your marketing team should benefit from the right level of support, but you should also remember that focusing on your marketing department will give you greater insight into your customers, tracking each KPI, and will have an impact on the entire organization.

So here are a few things to consider if you are to give your marketing team the tools they need to succeed.

Do They Have All the Resources?

Before you start deciding on the KPIs and the goals, you need to ensure they have the resources to implement what your strategy actually is. There are so many different things that could fall flat here, not just in terms of the technology or the tools or a strategy, but also if your team is working cohesively as a unit.

You could have one member of the team focused on SEO, but this is a massive subject. They will need to deal with so many aspects of SEO from the layouts to lesser-known things, such as understanding crawl budget, which can have an impact on the website through duplicate content. If your team does not have all the resources it needs, they will invariably find themselves struggling to keep afloat.

This means you’ve got to have an understanding of what they need but also what you can realistically give to them because, ultimately, budget is such a delicate component that your marketing team will tell you they need everything but you’ve got to know where to draw the line. Part of the solution here can be about bringing people who are far more resourceful on board. People who already have experience is one thing, but those who are dedicated to self-improvement and self-development are a far more beneficial tool.

Audit Your Projects

A marketing team is going to have their hands full at any one time, but it’s important to know that a marketing team cannot do everything. There’s a lot out there from trends and best practices that will continue to evolve, and if you are marketing on a budget, you’ve got to understand where you are best focusing your efforts. This is where auditing your projects to determine what is most valuable and will bring the best return is critical.

This is something that can be easily fixed through project management tools that can give you an overview of the company that shows what is going on. This is especially useful for the top brass. Middle managers or line managers can struggle to see the bigger picture, but when they start to use project management tools like Trello, they can see what is going on company-wide. This means that if you are in charge of a marketing team, you can start to list all of the projects, audit them, and prioritize them far more effectively.

Give Them Your Support

It sounds simple, but many companies seldom provide their employees with the moral support they need to thrive. A marketing team can almost be categorized as hard-nosed, ambitious, and infinitely resourceful, but there are a number of methods that we can severely neglect, especially when it comes to employee well-being. If your marketing team is constantly chasing its tail, attempting to focus on the next deadline and the numerous deadlines that are further afield, it can almost feel like balancing so many spinning plates that the pressure inevitably gets to them.

Lots of people in marketing are always about pushing forward, but these days we are in a world where there’s a lot more of a holistic focus on the impacts of the work. People are demanding flexibility, and while it’s a cliché that many marketing individuals are always about the money, you’ve got to ensure that your organization is implementing something like well-being initiatives to guarantee that they are able to step away from the treadmill if it all gets too much.

Marketing is a high-pressure environment and involves selling but also fine-tuning how we think, and this means that we are constantly on the go. It’s vital that we provide employees with the opportunities to step away and not feel like they are missing out by supposedly wimping out and taking a break.

Question the Processes

Just because people have been doing it this way for a number of years doesn’t mean that it should be set in stone. Instead, we should think about how we can simplify things. A very common example in the modern day is the advent of automation. Lots of people think that they’ve got to stick to a process, especially in terms of the marketing funnel.

We all develop our own marketing funnels, but now we are at a crossroads where it’s far more beneficial to introduce automation, especially with those back-office functions. You can start to streamline workflows and sync between apps to make things far more beneficial for your teams, and this doesn’t just bring about better results, but it means that your marketing team will be making less effort, and this will have an impact on their well-being and ability to do the job.

Change Your Business Philosophy

A marketing team that needs to work better should be following the example of the organization as a whole, and this is something that we can overlook. If you want your marketing team to work better, it’s not necessary but singling them out and chastising them for not doing things as well as others, but about making sure that the core values apply to the entire organization.

We all need to find ways to make things simpler, from streamlining to automating, and if our culture is built on doing everything, working our fingers to the bone, and having long and laborious processes, we’re not just neglecting our employees’ needs but we are doing the business a disservice. It’s critical to provide our marketing team with the things they need to thrive, but this should also be part of the approach we take to the business as a whole.

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