Singer Simi Reveal One Thing People Don’t Know About Her

Nigerian singer, Simi has showcased her genuine and grateful attitude towards life and her career as a celebrated musician.

Singer Simi Reveals One Thing People Don’t Know About Her

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Simi said that many of her fans often ask her to share something they don’t know about her, and she obliged by revealing her perspective on living life.

The mother of one revealed that she loves to approach each day as it comes, giving it her best and then embracing the next one.

She also emphasized her approach to not obsessing over things beyond her control and not chasing after things that are not meant for her, no matter how much she desires them.

The talented artist expressed her profound gratitude for being able to live her dreams in whatever capacity she can each day.

She also thanked her loved ones, her family, both blood and chosen, her friends, and all those who support her, even on the worst days.

Simi wrote, “Sometimes people ask me to tell them something people don’t know about me; one of those is that I love to experience every day as it comes. I give it what I have and then face the next one…

“I try not to obsess about things I can’t control. I don’t chase after what is not for me regardless of how much I think I want it. I’m content, and I stay grateful for all the blessings in my hands and my life.

“Said that to say I’m grateful today to be living my dreams in whatever capacity I can each day, to be loved, to love, for music, for my family – blood and otherwise – for my friends, for people that ride for me on my best days and on .u worst. God is good to me and I’m really, really grateful.

“PS: The team said Seattle was the best yet. I on the other hand have lost track”.

KanyiDaily recalls that Simi recently shared her past experiences as a gospel artiste, revealing that she used to receive meager performance fees ranging from N5,000 to N10,000.

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