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This Is How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Happy

If you are looking to discover how to keep your skin healthy and looking its very best, you have come to the right place.

This Is How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Happy 1

Your skin is an investment and will be the one thing that truly belongs to you. A good skincare routine is the only way to prevent and reverse aging.

Below are tips on how to keep your skin healthy.

Everyone needs sunscreen!

Old or young, black or white we all need sunscreen! Every day! This is because the sunray contains UV light, and UV light ages the skin breaking down the collagen that gives it its bounce, darkening the pigments, and making us more prone to skin cancer. If you want to keep your skin looking supple and young for the longest time possible, then using sunscreen daily rain or shine is the most important thing you can do.


Wash that face before bed!

Whether you use makeup or not, you need to wash your face before you go to bed each night. This is because all sorts of bacteria and nasties can accumulate on our faces throughout the day from pollution to excess oil.

The good news is that if you wash your face properly each night you can minimize the risk of blemishes. A clean face also means your nighttime skincare can get deep into your dermis and work most effectively.

Just be sure to wash your face gently, using a gentle cloth, and cleanser. If you use makeup then a microfibre cloth can work well, as long as it’s as soft as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturize after you have washed your face with a nourishing night cream.

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Choose products that are made for your skin type

Dry, greasy, delicate? Melanated, Caucasian, Asian? Not all skin is the same, and that is why it’s so important to choose products that are made specifically for the type of skin you have.

Happily, the skincare community has recognised the need for a much wider variety of specialist makeup and skincare products over the last few years which means there are plenty now on the market.

Where possible try and use a sample of any product developed for a specific type of skin before you buy a full-size bottle. Then you can be sure that it does what it claims and that it agrees with your specific Skin Type and needs.

Use Vitamin C serum

There are many serums on the market right now that are designed to boost your skin. However, if you want to make the biggest difference then using a vitamin C serum underneath your sunscreen is the way forward.

The benefits of vitamin C for the skin are many and include enhanced radiance, as well as helping to rid the skin of free radicals caused by pollution and the environment. Indeed, vitamin C Serum is a powerful antioxidant that will help your skin look younger for longer.

You can eat your fruits too.

This Is How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Happy 2

Be mindful of how you sleep

Yes, even the way that you sleep can affect your skin. There are a few things to be mindful of here. The first is that you will want to sleep with your head higher than the rest of your body as this will help minimize any puffiness under the eyes. It’s easy to do this as all you will need to do is use two pillows on your bed at night.

The second issue has to do with pillows too, and it concerns using a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one. The benefit of choosing silk is that it will absorb less moisture which means it will stay in your skin along with all your nighttime products.

Don’t only focus on the skin on your face

While it’s easy to think mainly about the health of the skin on our faces, it also pays to remember that our entire body is covered with a layer of skin, which also needs plenty of TLC. Indeed, several areas of the body are vulnerable to skin issues such as our elbows, knees, and heels.

Fortunately, there are some savvy ways to prevent cracks in your skin in these and other areas. One of the most effective is to keep the affected area well moisturised with the right type of cream.

Exfoliate, but not too much

There is a lot of information about exfoliation out there and it can be confusing to know what is best for the health of your skin. What is crucial here is to remember that what exfoliation does is slough off the top layer of skin revealing the new skin underneath it. While doing this is great because it makes sure your skin is bright and new, obviously too much exfoliation is a bad thing.

Indeed, if you exfoliate too much your skin is unable to keep up and becomes dry and damaged. With that in mind, using manual or chemical methods of exfoliation should be limited to only once a week, unless recommended otherwise by a dermatologist.

Make sure to clean any makeup brushes regularly

If you are a person who uses makeup, making sure your brushes are clean when you use them on your face is crucial. Otherwise, you will be transmitting dirt, and bacteria directly to your face that will clog and can infect your pores. With that in mind, adding a date to your calendar every month when you properly clean your makeup brushes and tools with a gentle soap, and then allow them to air dry is vital if you want to protect the health and aesthetic of your skin.

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Avoid oil-based hair care

You may not think that the products you use on your hair will have any effect on your skin, but in this, you will be quite wrong. Unfortunately, oil-based products and products with wax in them can clog up the pores in your skin, even in places where you are not applying them directly. For instance, people suffering from spots or acne on their back are often recommended to change their shampoo or conditioner as it can drip down to their back while in the shower.

Go gradual with any new skincare products

Changing your entire skincare routine all in one go is not advisable if you want to maintain healthy and happy skin. Instead, it’s much better to make changes gradually, one thing at a time. By doing this you will be able to much more easily see what does and what does not work effectively for your skin, and you won’t risk having a whole load of skin products that you will no longer use.

This Is How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Happy

Be careful not to consume things that can hurt your skin from the inside

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and to keep it healthy and radiant, you have to do all the things you would to keep your other organs in condition. First of all that means giving up smoking cigarettes as they are well known to break down the collagen in the skin, leading to wrinkles and sagging. Your diet matters as well and for radiant skin, you’ll want to consume plenty of nutritious whole foods packed with antioxidants and vitamin C such as spinach and oranges.

Next, staying hydrated is a must, so that means around 8 glasses of water everyday day. Also, remember not to drink too many caffeinated drinks, as they put extra strain on the kidneys which can counteract the hydration that the liquid in them provides.

Last of all, if you want your skin to look happy and healthy you will need to make sure you move your body regularly. This is because when we move our bodies we stimulate our lymph system which helps to remove toxins from the skin ensuring that it stays as healthy as possible.

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