“Yul Didn’t Tell Me He Picked A 2nd Wife” – Pete Edochie Expresses Love For May [Video]

Nollywood legendary actor, Pete Edochie has revealed that his son, Yul Edochie, didn’t tell him about his marriage with his second wife, Judy Austin.

"Yul Didn't Tell Me He Picked A 2nd Wife" - Pete Edochie Expresses Love For May [Video]

During during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Pete Edochie revealed that he found out about Yul’s second marriage, like every other person online.

He stressed that Yul is 41 and is old enough to make decisions about his life, adding that he tries as much as possible not to interfere in the marriages of his four children.

He said, “First of all, Yul is 41 and I really don’t interfere in his affairs, no. Suddenly we heard he’s picked up a second wife. There is one thing you must know about me. I don’t lie, it’s not necessary. God created me so well, If I tell you this thing is black, it is black. You know, it’s like when he want everything to run for governor or something.

“When I saw his photograph, I thought it was a production they were doing. There was someone who called me and said do you know something? Yul is running for governor and I said he must be crazy, how? I never heard it.

“I have 5 sons, I don’t interfere with their lives you know. If they say daddy, so and so thing is happening, good, if they don’t tell me, I don’t bother. If they tell me, beautiful. We just heard it, and that’s it.

“Yeah, we did, we did. There is something we always say in igbo: ‘if you go and pick up ant-infested faggots, it’s a direct invitation to the lizards, come to roast, right?’ So, here I am and that’s all.”

Speaking on his son’s first wife, May Edochie, the actor revealed that he would forever be endeared to her because he sees her as his daughter, not just as a daughter-in-law.

Pete Edochie spoke highly of May’s character and intelligence, stressing that the success of Yul’s marriage was May’s efforts and credit, adding that she is a wonderful person.

The actor, however, expressed concern that many women from broken families and marriages are giving May misguided advice, trying to create discord in her marriage to Yul.

He said, “Mary is not just a daughter-in-law, I don’t want to say I love Mary more than the other wives of my sons. The love I have for Mary is so strong, why, the father and I were very close, and when we went for the traditional marriage right in their place, the kind of reception their people gave me, I will never forget. Mary is a girl I love to the marrow.

“By the way, she is a wonderful person, Mary is a very brilliant girl, you may not know that she is a computer wizard and to a very large extent, the success of that marriage is Mary’s effort and credit.yiDaily 

“I just had my birthday and the message she put out was so endearing, A lot of people have been advising her wrongly if they can asunder the link between her and Yul. Most of the women advising her do not have good homes”

Watch the video below:

KanyiDaily recalls that May Edochie recently filed for divorce from Yul Edochie, and she is seeking the sum of N100 million in damages from him and Judy Austin on grounds of adultery.

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