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Nigerians Languish in UK Prisons.



16,800 Nigerians are currently in UK Jails alone..How​ pls how do i ascertain if most of my friends in the UK are not in jail..How many Nigerians do we have in UK that a whopping 16,000 are in Jail and I believe this is not true cos there loads of them who were not counted.

Is​ it not better to come home and hussle like me, make the money here and then travel abroad for holiday’s than to be jailed abroad? Gu​ys,what do u make of this high figures,th​at of USA could be double..

We have 1million Nigerians in the UK. And out of every 12 there will always be a judas! Nigerians abroad prefare the fast track, hence the propensity to be jailed.

FROM the Senate came a revelation yesterday that not less than 16,400 Nigerians are languishing in United Kingdom (UK) prisons. Disclosing this during the debate on A Bill for An Act to Repatriate Nigerian Prisoners Serving Jail Terms in Commonwealth Countries, Senator Benedict Ayade told the Senate that it took the UK government about 1.6 million pounds to feed the Nigerian prisoners per day and this got the senate president sad.


Where did the senators get those figures from? Another ploy to share the money. The various committee and the consultants who came up with that idea must chop. How come we do not have consultants that will protect the public funds? (evaluate and monitor how contracts are awarded, shared and stolen)
Smart Senators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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