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The World Most Expensive Beauty Treatments



Got this mail from FS and thought I should let u read also perhaps u might be thinking about where to spend your money!
What are the most extravagant beauty treatments?
This week Fashion Statement has come over all Bad Science. What prompted this unusual outbreak of scepticism? The news that Mila Kunis, star of Black Swan, recently treated herself to a facial that cost $7,000. No, that isn’t a typo. Seven thousand dollars for a facial. We can only hope she’s worth it.
So where does the science come in? Well, according to the creator of said facial, Scott-Vincent Borba of BORBA skincare (nothing says luxury skincare like screaming capitalisation), this particular treatment contains rubies and diamonds, which provide antioxidants and a “lustrous sheen”. Much like going for a gentle jog, then, only with more bling. FS fondly imagines the industrial-grade diamond-crushing machines at Borba’s salon, grinding away priceless gems into a topically applied paste, while the merry little workers trudge back from the mine with the latest finds, singing their “Heigh-Ho” song.
Borba’s website is well worth a browse, particularly for his musings on the philosophy of beauty. “What I particularly love about beauty,” he says, “is that it sits right in the middle between science and fashion, drawing inspiration and content from both … For me, that’s the most intriguing and exciting thing in the world.” Poor chap; clearly he needs to get away from the coalface a bit more.
Should Ms Kunis be seeking more ways to flush her money down the drain, perhaps she should head to Florida, where the spa at the Hotel Victor offers an Evian bath for a mere £5,000. This, apparently, consists of 350 gallons of Evian sprinkled with rose petals. Now, FS was never good at maths, so bear with us. At Ocado you can buy a six-pack of 1.5 litre bottles – so nine litres in total – for £3.66. You want 1,324 litres, the equivalent of 350 US gallons. So to do this treatment at home you just need 147 packs (and a splash more, but let’s not be picky). So [sound of rusty FS brain cranking] for a mere £538.02 and, let’s say, an extra £5 for the roses … bargain! You’ve saved yourself an absolute fortune. And you’ll enjoy a thoroughly, er, wet bath into the bargain.
Ocado, alas, does not stock rubies and diamonds, so can’t help you if you want to release your inner facialist at home. However does have a very handy list of the most expensive spa treatments. Not so much how to spend it, as how to flush it away.
Na waahooooo This is real money to flush down the drain.. No be me talk am ooo na FS.

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