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See ooooo This Pastor Is At It Again



Apostle Babatunde Joel Oyidi – the seer who warned MKO Abiola not to vie for presidency, and predicted former President Umaru Yar’Adua’s death six days after swearing-in, has said thatPresident Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will be killed in office by his aide-de-camp (ADC) if urgent measures are not taken now to forestall it.
Apostle Oyidi said that some of the President’s men are Boko Haram plants who may later arrange the bombing of the Presidential Villa thus causing the death of not only President Jonathan but also hundreds of innocent citizens.
In a signed statement titled, ‘My vision to the nation’, which he made available to Saturday Champion, the cleric said that certain powerful politicians who failed in the last general elections have fiercely employed themselves in recruiting revolutionary forces to destablise the federation, adding that because of this landestine moves by people in high places the Judgment Day will certainly come upon some members of the political class before the end of this year.
His words: “My revelation to this nation is about the gross insecurity in the land today. God says my people are afraid; they no longer can move freely in their own land, their voices are not heard even in matters that concern them. But the cries of my people have reached my dwelling place.
“The Lord God Almighty has revealed that President Jonathan has surrounded himself with enemies in form of friends. He must, therefore be careful of his aides. Once more the President must check and cross-check all those who hang around him because there is a leakage within the ranks.
“There is going to be an attempt to kill the President and if he is not careful and very close to God now he will be killed by those who work for him”.
Prophet Oyidi said that the attacks by Boko Haram Islamic group are orchestrated by politicians who think it is their unalienable right to occupy certain positions of authority in the land.
“Boko Haram is within the government itself; it is orchestrated by the politicians who think they must occupy certain positions of authority in the land by all means. When they failed to get what they wanted they have now resorted to heating up the system. Of course, there is no smoke without fire. It is a shame that all these man-made disasters can be happening to people in this country. It is, therefore, a woeful shame on government”, he said.
Oyidi who is the General-Overseer of Elyon International All Christian Praying Ministry said that President Jonathan is not the political messiah of this country but only a forerunner to the president who would salvage the nation by initiating workable policies and programmes to the glory of God.
The cleric, however, advised President Jonathan to stand firm and focus and not be afraid, adding that he should not allow the so-called god-fathers of the present system to sway him.
He also urged Dr. Jonathan to always abide by the injunctions of God Most High in whatever he does while ruling country, noting that whatever the President does now, he would be held accountable for it.
He said, “It is written that whatever a man sows that he will surely reap. Though, President Jonathan is a product of the corrupt system that produced him, yet God wants to use him to fulfill his purpose for this nation. His job in this country is only to prepare the way for the right president.
Source : Champion News Ng

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