Forget Timaya, I’m Glowing In New Love -Empress Njamah

Forget Timaya, I’m Glowing In New Love -Empress Njamah 1

Empress Njamah is an actress who knows her onions, having come a long way in Nollywood. Like every popular actress, she has been linked with many controversies just as she is currently enmeshed in one. In this interview with ADUNOLA FASUYI, she speaks about her life, the latest controversy Empress Njamah and many more. Excerpts:

Tell us a little about the real Empress people out there don’t know?

I’m obviously different from the Empress on the screen. I’m very homely and I cook a lot. I’m a very playful person and I like people around me. When I’m not cooking, I’ll be sketching designs. Aside that, I visit the orphanage every month; it’s what I told God I will do. I always try to put my hands on things, because I hate to be idle.
Many people see you as a bad girl, what will you say about yourself being the talk of the town now?
It’s not good to judge a book by its cover. I hate pretence and a lot of people like to pretend. If I were a bad girl, for how long do I want to pretend being nice? People see me with all colours of hair, nails and so on, but I’m so different from what they see. To Nigerians, they believe I’m weird. I like talking to people that are exposed, because I learn more from them. People that are stagnant and illiterate cannot teach me anything.

I do not sit with such people and talk about things that I’m not. A lot of people when they see me often ask, Empress, how do you cook with these nails? And I tell them that I even cut vegetables with them. When some people get to know me better, they apologise because as they come closer, they discover that I am different from what they thought. People who know me, know that I am far from weird.
Some even say you are snobbish?
If anybody says that, ‘Bad Belle’ will be boldly written on the person’s face. I am the last person you can call a snub, because I overplay. Even my friends do caution me from playing too much with people. They remind me that I am a celebrity.

Recently, there was the controversial picture of you that was circulated around, how did you and your family see the whole thing when you came across the picture?

When I saw the picture, I sent the picture as a Blackberry message to my brother, Aquila and he replied me immediately saying, ‘that ‘that is not you, a slight look alike, but the girl is tacky and why are her eyes censored?’

I did not write anything alongside the picture when I sent it to him, I just wanted to see what was flying around town and he gave me that response.

My brothers are very encouraging, we are so much of a family and they tell me to let it go, that many of my fans and friends know it’s not me. They have been trying to help me to brace up.

There has been so much encouragement from my friends and family. The love of my life is also so encouraging about the whole issue, so I don’t really feel as bad as I did, initially. The person circulating the picture wanted to tarnish my image, but the person is not succeeding. God will surely deal with the person.
Did your mother see the picture?
All my mother said was to pray for those jobless people. My mother is so much of a Christian and that is how she brought us up. So, instead of cursing, she will tell us to pray for people.

Someone actually told me that she heard I bought my new Highlander Jeep with the money they paid me from the porn movie I acted and I wondered why people would think like that. Girls that act porno abroad are mostly homeless. They pick them on the streets and pay them like $500; can that buy the tyre of a 2010 Highlander jeep?
Do you ever see yourself doing something like that and allow someone picture you?
What an embarrassing question? It can never be me. I can never do a thing like that and someone will take my picture. Not even for all the money in the Central Bank of Nigeria . It’s a pervasive act and I cannot see myself doing such. I am a good Christian with good home training.

So, are you going to let it go like that?

I will do something about it. Some people tell me to ignore it, but I don’t think that is what I want to do. As for the measures I will take, I am not letting it out of the bag right now. But I’d surely take a drastic and decisive action on it.

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