Nigerian Response To Ghanian FOKN BOIZ Song!

Above is the music which Ghanian group  FOKN BOIS sang about Nigeria…These Ghanians didnt mean no harm….according to the FOKN BOIS, they are just messing around….But You can expect Nigerians to come up with something to banter that, and lo and behold they did.
Below is Nigerian response to FOKN BOIS music.
 This is a song by an Unknown Nigerian, in response to the FOKN BOIZ of Ghana who released a track titled: Thank God We are not A Nigerians!
The artist intends that a dialogue using music, humour, historical and philosophical tones will melt the simmering tension/envy/jealousy between Ghanians and Nigerians…Increase the PEACE but its rumoured to be recorded by a Ghanian also.

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