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Introducing HiBuzz – Nigerian Movies, Music, TV Shows & Live Events on your PC or any mobile device!



Introducing HiBuzz – Nigerian Movies, Music, TV Shows & Live Events on your PC or any mobile device! 5

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite Naija movie or TV Programme (new or old), listen to your favorite Naija song (new or old) or even read a favourite Nigerian book or magazine (new or old) when you wanted to, at your very convenience? Well, now you can on HiBuzz.
It kicks off live this Friday with The Beat of Lagos. On the 9th day of the 9th month of 2011, the Beat99.9FM Lagos will be throwing it down with The Beat of Lagos hosted by your favorite Beat Fm presenters and will feature performances by Tuface, P-Square, Wizkid, Mo’Cheddah, Dr SID, Tiwa Savage, Waconzy and a host of other super stars. Also rocking the dance floor on this day will be the fantastic DNT dance crew and comedy will be provided by AY, Ushbebe and Ajebo.
Introducing HiBuzz – Nigerian Movies, Music, TV Shows & Live Events on your PC or any mobile device! 6

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For all lovers of Naija entertainment living outside Nigeria, you can watch it all LIVE and enjoy the experience of The Beat of Lagos in the comfort of just not your home, but wherever you are with your phone, tablet or Computer!
So here’s how it works:
• Log on to
• Then download the hibuzz app for free on the website
• Then Log on to to register to watch The Beat of Lagos LIVE. For the US it cost $4.99, UK, £3.12 (depending on your region)
• On the 9th of September, 2011 – the day of the event, make sure you’re logged into the hibuzz app by 7pm Nigerian Time and just go to the Live+ section of the app to watch the live stream of The Beat of Lagos.
It’s easy and convenient. Just like that!
On the 5th of August 2011, a revolution in Nigerian Entertainment birth inform of a Digital Entertainment Store – is your foremost digital store allowing you to buy, download (or stream) and share your favourite movies, TV shows, Music, & Books for a lifetime via all your devices ranging from your computer, Ipad, tablets to phones!
It doesn’t stop there! HiBuzz allows you to know first-hand what the latest events are with over the shelf tickets at your fingertips. as well as giving you the option to watch the event or show LIVE on any device.
On, you can also choose between thousands of content and:
• Download Nigerian Music Albums and/or individual tracks in all genres and ranging from music dating back to the 50s, 60s, 70s to recently released Nigerian Albums
• Get Nigerian Movie DVDs and/or stream the best Nigerian movies using the hibuzz app
• Preview Music Albums and Tracks
• Watch Movie trailers
• Purchase tickets to events
• Stream live events and watch them from anywhere in the world
• Purchase Film/Music related Merchandise
• Follow up-to-date news on Nigerian Entertainment in the Buzz Corner
• Shop, interact, share item links on Facebook & Twitter, preview songs, albums and movies and provide your own reviews and feedback on them
Hi Buzz is also not just fun and games as the objective of the promoters of is to bridge existing gaps between the current distribution channels for Nigerian entertainment locally and Internationally and the growing demand for our music, movies and other entertainment content globally by Nigerians locally and in Diaspora, other Africans and lovers of Nigerian entertainment all over the world. In designing, they have built a masterpiece that will be an enjoyable and rich browsing experience comparable to any other global entertainment website. They have also overcome the temptation to clutter their web pages as too much information is overwhelming and tiring.
At HiBuzz, they want to take the Best of Nigerian Entertainment to the Rest of the World!
The portal is now officially available. Just go to and see for yourself.
By the way, the Hibuzz App is free for download and it works on all PC, Mac, Ipad and Android devices.

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