President Jonathan Hires Isreali Security Operatives For Aso Rock!

President Jonathan Hires Isreali Security Operatives For Aso Rock! 1

Yesterday President Jonathan confirmed that he had hired isreali security operatives to protect Aso Rock from Boko Haram after much deliberations  with his security advisers… in essence it means Nigerian masses can die at their own discretion abi?

GEJ is well aware that a state of emergency should be declared for Nigeria hence HE outsourced  the security of Aso Rock to Isreali Forces……Just as Mallam El Rufai rightfully said, Nigerians now go to sleep with both eyes open…No one is safe anymore. Any state can be the next target…

It is very appalling that for a country that has budgetary security allocation of N2billion /day, nothing has justified such expences….

     when the police is incapacitated, you bring in FBI, when u feel vulnerable, you bring in Isreali Forces, when you’re sick, you fly abroad….dont u think that these steps you’ve taken and continue to embark upon further exposes your weaknesses as a nation

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