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Jonathan Writes British, Italian Prime Ministers Over Death Of Their Citizens In Sokoto



Jonathan Writes British, Italian Prime Ministers Over Death Of Their Citizens In Sokoto 3

President Goodluck Jonathan has written to the governments of Britain and Italy to commiserate with the families, people and governments of both countries on last Thursday’s deaths of their nationals in the country. Chris McManus, a British citizen and Franco Lamorina, an Italian, were allegedly killed by their Boko Haram captors in Sokoto State during a botched effort to rescue them. The group has, however, denied being involved in the matter.

Yesterday, its spokesman, “Abu Qaqa” said the sect was not involved in kidnapping or demanding ransom.
“We have never been involved in hostage-taking and it is not part of our style, and we never ask for ransom,” the spokesman said in one of his usual phone conferences .

On Thursday, Mr. Jonathan expressed his condolences to both countries. In separate letters to Prime Ministers David Cameron and Mario Monti on Friday, Mr. Jonathan reiterated that the hearts of the people and government of Nigeria go out to the members of the immediate families of the victims in their moment of grief.
The Nigerian Government remains resolutely committed to facing up squarely to the challenge of terrorism on our shores and in the international community,” he also said.
Boko Haram’s denial of responsibility for last Thursday’s killings leaves, open for the considerably embarrassed Jonathan government, the uncomfortable question of what actually happened.
GEJ has found it necessary to offer explanation to his real masters ignoring Nigerians that voted him into power that should have been his masters. David Cameron was on TV few hours after the sad incident giving explanation to the British people.
Has GEJ gone to the NASS or been on TV to offer any explanation as to how British military men sneaked into the country to carry out a botsched rescue operation? Why did Italy not ask any explanation from GEJ but instead turned to David Cameron? That itself speaks volume of the little or no respect for Nigeria.

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