Worlds Fatest Mum Finally Decides To Ditch The Weight After Her Fiancee Dumps Her!

Worlds Fatest Mum Finally Decides To Ditch The Weight After Her Fiancee Dumps Her! 1

At a scale-busting 600 pounds, Donna Simpson holds the Guinness World Record for ‘World’s Heaviest Mother’ and makes an impressive living from her supersized physique — but she’s about to give it all up.

World’s Heaviest Mom Donna Simpson is ditching her artery-clogging 15,000 calorie-a-day diet after splitting with her long-time fiancé who helped her balloon in size — because she can’t look after her kids Jacqueline and Devin alone.Donna made the announcement on her website, where she earned $90,000 a year charging fans to watch her stuff her face with food.
“I ask that you take your last look at the old Donna,” her statement reads, adding, “I recently split with my fiancé of five years and moved with my two children back to my home town in Ohio.”
“It’s fine to gain weight when you have a partner who will help feed you and take care of everything around you.”
“Now that I have sole responsibility of taking care of my children, I must drastically change my lifesyle.”
“I realize this statement will be met with mixed emotions. The people that admired me as a ‘super-sized big beautiful web model’ probably will be disappointed in this decision.”

No one should be disappointed by her decision to get healthy! It’s great that Donna’s decided to lose the lard, just a shame she didn’t do it before fiancé Philippe Gouamba – who she met on a dating website — walked out on her, forcing her to discover how little she could do for herself.
She has set a target weight of 370 pounds and has already shed 60. Keep up the good work, Donna!

THey thing just dey me funny…ow come say na black dey marry her…SMH

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