Kris Humphries Has Awkward Run-In With Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Ex-Boyfriend Ray J On Airplane!

Just eight days after Kim and Kris said ‘I do’ Kris experienced every guy’s worst nightmare — he sat right next to her ex Ray J on a Delta flight and pretended to not know who he was!

Kim Kardashian clearly isn’t keeping Kris Humphries in the loop. The New York Post is reporting that Kim’s hubby was on a flight Aug. 28 flying from LA to New Orleans and happened to be seated in first class across the aisle from Kim’s ex and 2007 sex tape partner Ray J!Although Kris moved seats after a “few minutes”, Kris reportedly pretended not to recognize Ray J and the rapper called him out!
“Ray J said, ‘Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations,’” To which Kris responded: “Oh yeah, yeah. I’m sorry I know who you are.’ ”

TMZ is also reporting that although Kris didn’t know who Ray J was, he doesn’t “care” about Kim’s sex tape.
“Kris really didn’t know who he was,” a source adds. “Kris feels that Kim’s past doesn’t affect her present or future … he just doesn’t care.”
How ironic do you think it is that they were on the same flight? And do you believe Kris didn’t recognize him right away?

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