Has Lady Gaga Finally Ran out of Clothing Ideas???

We’ve seen her in a dress made of meat,
another with Kermit the frog toys attached and a bodysuit with a built-in
pregnant belly.

But it seems Lady Gaga may have finally run
out of shocking outfit ideas.

The 25-year-old singer was spotted at the
Roundhouse in Camden, North London at the HTC and Beats Audio party wearing a
wig dress made entirely out of hair.

And, while different in colour, the outfit was
very similar to the hair dresses Gaga wore on two separate occasions last

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She donned the first in July, taking to the
stage during her Monster’s Ball tour wearing a blonde outfit made of hair,
before wearing a different version to perform in New York last

Continue to see pictures of her wearing the same design in the past.


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  1. Got to give to Lady Gaga who often left us gasping with amazement

    And SPEECHLESS with her weird wigs, colorful HAIR extension,

    Theatrical, SOMETHING CRAZY FASHION sense,…..
    Part of post @
    We 'll do reciprocal commenting till our posts peppered with comments ,OK?!

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