Another Gay Guy In Nigeria.

Another Gay Guy In Nigeria. 1

this, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2011 photo. Rashidi Williams, a gay man,
works on his laptop in Lagos, Nigeria. When a gang of men beat up
Rashidi Williams earlier this year, the 25-year-old gay Nigerian was too
afraid to report the attack to police or even his family. Doing so
would only create more problems, he says, in this country where
legislators are now seeking to criminalize gay marriage. Here in the
megacity of Africa’s most populous nation, Williams says he doesn’t even
know of any gays or lesbians who would want to get married given the
added safety risks it would bring. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba).

Another Gay Guy In Nigeria. 2

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Another Gay Guy In Nigeria. 3



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  1. My brother Williams it is well with you. God made you for his praise and glory and he deary luvs U. God has laid up pleasures for you to enjoy without any sense of guilt,fear or inferiority. God knows about homosexuality,lesbianism and,bestiality. God never intended it and has given those afflicted by the devil with it a way out. Pls read Romans Chap.1Vs.18-32; John 3:16-18;11Corinthians5:17;Romans 8:1.This is the rescuing and healing balm…the love of Jesus Christ for you and l. You are blessed!

  2. Jesus loves you very intently and passionately. He wants the very best of life for U and me and indeed for all them who will believe in his name.God never intended lesbianism,bestiality or homosexuality for me and you. Read Romans 1Vs 18-32;also read John 3:16-18;Romans 8:1. Finally; 11 Corinthians 5:17.This is the healing balm.This is the love of God for U and me.

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