Goodluck Jonathan Sets World record, becomes the most cursed President on Facebook

Goodluck Jonathan Sets World record, becomes the most cursed President on Facebook 1

Goodluck Jonathan, the soft spoken President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has become the most cursed President ever on facebook following his removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria. What makes this a world record is because the curses are coming from his own fans.

    Before the April 2011 election and immediately thereafter, Jonathan enjoyed a steady out-pour of affection from Nigerians. Some of his fans on facebook in fact could not restrain their love for him that very many of their comments bothered on share sycophancy, the type that has come to permanently define the Nigeria political space.
That has however changed.
Following his unilateral removal of subsidy on premium motor spirit (PMS) on the first day of the new year, the fans numbering over 678,829 turned against him enmass and have been raining curses upon him in torrents
Out of over 9,000 comments, it was difficult to see any that was not a negative reaction against him.
Some of the sample comments are reproduced below:

Goodluck Jonathan Sets World record, becomes the most cursed President on Facebook 2

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“u are a fool for doin dis forgettin d slum u came from and a maga doin dis 2 dos who cant afford 2 buy feul for dat amount”
“U promised us good life,but now u v’e given us stone to eat,u re a failure mr president posterity ll hurt u 4 ever.i regreted voting u.”
“I don’t know your next line of action but must make it known that your actions would do more evil than good to the Nigerian people. I hope it is not Abati or any of his goats that would be reading these comments but you.

Now, from Yaba to Ikeja which used to be 70-100naira is now costing between 250 and 500naira. May God save Nigeria from your hands. I don’t need to call the President a devil. He would determine whether he is one or not by his actions. We need fresh air o! At least that was your promise. God is the Judge, take note.”

” Jonathan, borrow some balls & be a Man for once even if na half Man or alternatively, STEP DOWN. You are the biggest thief this country has ever seen. You are cursed, to think we the youths will let you & your worthless cabals destroy this country… you‘ve got another fin coming. STEP DOWN.”

Several of these comments received many likes, an indication that those that did not bother to drop their comment showed their solidarity with the comments rendered by others.
To register your annoyance against Jonathan’s action on fuel subsidy, click here to drop your words on his FACEBOOK PAGE
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