Photo: “Mermaid found dead in Lagos by the beach side”

Photo: "Mermaid found dead in Lagos by the beach side" 1

Well well….I simply got this picture posted on Facebook today by a guy claiming that a dead mermaid was found dead by a beach side in Lagos. Now my question is do you think this is true or just some photo graphics work. Why will a mermaid die, and come to think of it this looks like a baby mermaid, is there WAR going on in the mermaid world? I simply can’t believe this crap..….lolz

Post from a NaijaPals user!!

Do you Believe??


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  1. Come come come.. dont even get me started.. I just started visiting your site recently and was pretty impressed with the stories you have on your blog. I thought this was where i could be getting real TRUE juicy gists. abeg no fucking fall my hand!!! This picture has been on the internet since i was in secondary school (Graduated from uni 10 years ago)!!!! Better be confirming your gists before you post else you will loose credibility! 'nuff said!

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