Did Funke Akindele Undergo Plastic Surgery Days Before Her Wedding?

According to someone on GistPage, Funke Akindele had a surgery days before her wedding. Check out the comment…

”As her wedding grew nearer everyone had a lot of questions to ask, but
funnily as the search for answers kept on rummaging the celebrity’s
farmyard, discoveries of other possibilities came afloat. Rumor has it
that she secretly had a plastic surgery to better her looks before the
day of the wedding. As confirmation of the spreading rumor goes around,
we can’t just help but to wonder why such a lady would need to enhance
her looks.”

Kanyinulia have this to say: Even if she had one, is it your business???????????????????

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  1. I think any person is free to have whatever she wants with her body. Even if at a first look we can say about a certain person that she doesn't need any improvement, only she knows her defects and what she's always hiding but needs to be fixed.
    So if she underwent a plastic surgery before her wedding that means something was bothering her and she wanted to feel comfortable during one of the most important days of her life.
    I recently saw on what a plastic surgery can do for you and I changed my opinion about it. Many people have plastic surgeries because they need them and not because they want to look perfect.

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