Former Zambia Minister Gets 2 Years Jail Term With Hard Labour For Burying Money In His Farm

A Zambian court on Wednesday sentenced former
labour minister Austin Liato to two years in jail with hard labour, after he was
found guilty of concealing $400 000 found buried on his farm last year. Magistrate Arida Chulu said the court had a
duty to ensure that the economy was not distorted by politicians by virtue of
their positions.

Liato served in former president Rupiah Banda’s
administration, and he was suspected to have acquired the money illegally. He was arrested in December, one month after Zambia’s new President Michael Sata vowed
to weed out corruption.

A lesson Nigeria should learn. A corrupt officer should be jailed. But in
Nigeria the corrupt officers are celebrated with honours and chieftancy
titles. Imagine IBORI the EX. corrupt Governor of Deltal state could not
be convicted by the Nigerian court. The British government disgraced the Nigerian Judiciary system by
jailing the same IBORI in the United Kingdom for 13 years in prison.

IBORI,s wealth in the British economy belongs to Nigeria and for the
Nigerians but the same Nigeria did not find IBORI guilty of any offence.

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